About us

Heidelberg Materials Sement Norge is the sole producer of cement in Norway, and an experienced international supplier of cement. We are a part of the worldwide group Heidelberg Materials that employs around 51 000 people in over 50 countries. We are ISO 14001-certified, and our two plants in Brevik and Kjøpsvik are among the most modern in Europe as far as energy consumption and limitation of emissions are concerned

Address: Heidelberg Materials Sement Norge​, P.O. box 0143 Lilleaker, N-0216 Oslo, Norway

Visiting address: Lilleakerveien 2A, 5th floor, N-0283 Oslo, Norway

Phone (swithcboard): +47 22 87 84 00

Email: info.sement.nor@heidelbergmaterials.com

About cement

Animated film on the production of cement

Production of Cement


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Brevik cement plant

About Brevik cement plant

Kjøpsvik cement plant

About Kjøpsvik cement plant