Speeding up

The Brevik CCS train is speeding up, and is still on track. In general, I would like to start by saying that progress is good and in accordance with the plan for all the critical activities. And not least, we still hold the most important of all zeros; namely, zero serious accidents, zero incidents of lost working time (LTI's), zero incidents of medical treatment (MTIs), zero incidents of first aid, zero incidents of reduced ability to work (RWC), zero incidents of significant emissions to the environment, zero incidents of significant injury on assets and no reported illness as a result of the work.

But we make no secret of the fact that we have had - and still have - a number of demanding conditions that challenge progress. The first part of the development was characterized by demolition and construction on an old factory site full of surprises from old-fashioned construction practices and this phase we got through without critical delays. During the same period, we also had the Covid19 complications, which did not make things any easier either. We are now extremely relieved that the major consequences of Covid19 are hopefully history, but an even greater concern is now linked to the consequences of the Ukraine conflict. The conflict has created great disturbances in the supplier industry all over the world with consequences for prices and delivery times. We have a progress plan with little slack and any threat to contractual milestones triggers large resources to secure critical deliveries.


In the time after the New Year, we have carried out a very demanding (and Covid19-influenced) winter repair of the cement plant, where the CCS project was responsible for major work in parallel with the extensive maintenance work that is always carried out during major overhauls. The CCS project was responsible for replacing a large electrical filter and a large process fan during the 5 weeks duration of the winter repair. The replacement was necessary to adapt to the new process conditions that will apply with the CCS plant in operation and both components now function as intended.

It is also very gratifying that the first process components have been installed in the form of the 3 large flue steam boilers that will recover heat from the flue gas in string 2. The installation of these went according to plan and exactly on the dates that were decided a long time ago. Another 6 boilers will be installed after the summer and work to establish foundations for these is now underway with high intensity. A little extra splendor was that Aftenposten devoted 4 full pages to this event, including the front page.

Change of shipping quay

Since the previous update, the project has come to a significant change in that the shipping quay has been moved from our own «Sekkekaia» to Grenland Havn's «Ro-Ro-Sør». There were a number of factors that triggered this change and we are very pleased that the case came to this conclusion after very good cooperation with the Port of Grenland.

During the spring, we entered into a new large contract with the construction contractor HAB, which is headquartered in Lysaker. HAB started its work in early June with the installation of more than 7,000 meters of piles in the area where the CCS plant will be located. This is an extensive work and is the first phase in establishing a complete concrete foundation for the process plant, which will be ready in November. After the summer holidays, HAB will also start work on establishing the concrete foundation for the six large storage tanks for liquid CO2.

During the spring, Tor Entreprenør has established a concrete foundation for the new maintenance center to be built in 2024. The foundation was established already now to save time at the other end and to have a good concrete slab for storage and prefabrication.

The contractor NRC is working hard to complete the new Cementine quay, which will be handed over on 15 July. This is a large and extremely solid construction where the large equipment is to be taken ashore from barges. In addition, a large seawater pumping station will be established to cool the CCS process as part of this construction.

Helge Klyve continues his work with establishing small and large foundations in their second contract for the project.

Construction before installation

In general, all construction site activities are now about making the site and all foundations and structures ready for the big move immediately over the New Year when the process plant itself is to be installed over the following 12 months. These construction activities are currently characterizing Norcem Brevik  to a great extent and it is no secret that it creates disadvantages and challenges for all those who will supply a fiery construction market with first-class cement in all this. We are very impressed and pleased with the positivity, flexibility and patience with how the factory's management and employees support the project and which is absolutely crucial for the good progress and atmosphere that characterizes the construction site.

Tor Gautestad

Senior Manager Project and Process / Brevik CCS

Heidelberg Materials Norge AS Setrevegen 2
3950 Brevik


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